Information for hikers in Southern Africa
Where hikers can interact and help each other, as a community.

The TRAIL TALK section will consist of a DISCUSSION FORUM and CHAT ROOMS.

The Discussion Forum differs from from the "live" Chat Rooms in that in the discussion forum you can start a topic (or thread) of discussion that might only be replied to much later, (even days later.) And you can similarly respond to a topic started by someone else, or to someone else's response when you happen to be online (even days after the previous comment.)

Each topic and each response is stored in a database, so they are still available for further responses after a lengthy period.

This is almost exactly like participating in a newsgroup (except it doesn't need an e-mail client, like Outlook Express and the persistance of the messages is longer than the day or two of most newsgroups.)

You need to log in using an identity that you have created. This is to allow an identity to be linked to each message. Not only does this show where the same hiker is later responding to a response but it also allows only you to be able to modify or delete your messages.

You can create a ficticious identity if you wish to remain annonymous.


The Chat Rooms are for "live" discussions with other hikers who are on-line at the same time as you. Generally, it would be a good idea to pre-arrange a chat in a specific room at a specific time, (although if there are people already chatting in a room, you are welcome to join in the discussion). There are no private rooms.

Each room represents an area of interest. Permanent rooms exist for generic areas of interest, but temporary rooms (that will vanish if there is nobody in them) can also be created. After about 20 minutes of inactivity, chatters who are no longer chatting will be automatically removed. Similarly, the chat is only stored briefly, (so that those joining the discussion a few minutes after it started can still pick up the gist of the discussion).

Please CONTACT US if you feel a specific area of interest is generic enough that it warrants the addition of a new permanent room.